Remember Every Foraging Season With Seasonally

Seasonally helps foragers stay on top of the seasons. See what's in season every time you open a new tab. 100% free and no sign-up required.

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Foragers Know a Seasonal Life is Hard to Manage

The forager busy with modern life has a lot to keep track of.

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When is that plant in season?

The most passionate foragers harvest dozens of species of plants throughout the year.

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How exactly do I process this plant?

You remember it's in season, but how do you harvest, prepare, and use that plant?

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What other plants are in season?

You're out in nature, so let's make the most of your time. But what else is in season?

The Seasonally Browser Extension is Here to Help

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Seasonally helps you by:

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viewing the in season tasks in the seasonally chrome extension

See Everything in Season Right Away

Every time you open a new browser tab you'll be greeted with everything that's in season. Better yet, our progress bars will help you quickly contextualize that season.

creating a new task in the seasonally chrome extension

Easily Add Seasons to Track

Just tell Seasonally the what, how, and when of a season, and it will take care of the rest. Add some tags to easily filter your seasons.

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Quickly Remember the Details

See that a plant is in season but can't remember how you harvest or process it? Just click to season to pull up your notes.

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How do I setup the Seasonally extension?

Just go to the Seasonally page on the Chrome Web Store and click the blue 'Add to Chrome' button. That will fully install the Seasonally extension.

No email sign-up is required and Seasonally is 100% free to use.

Does Seasonally collect any data?

Seasonally does not collect your data. The only information we get is the default information offered by the Chrome Web Store dashboard. We wish to respect your privacy and do not use tracking.

Do I have to create each season manually?

Yes, as of right now it is only possible to enter tasks individually. We're working on a bulk entry feature and want to get feedback from early users.

How do I enable syncing between different devices?

Seasonally uses the Chrome browser's default syncing feature to sync data across multiple devices. As long as you are signed into multiple Chrome devices, seasons you create on one device will automatically appear on the others.